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2024-06-21 10:22 pm
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How's My Driving?

Have any comments, concerns, questions, or anything else that you would like to address about my portrayal of Ahiru from Princess Tutu?

Please leave them here! Anon enabled, IP logging off, and I will respond to the comments as soon as possible.

Thank you!

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2013-11-04 11:14 pm

[ City of Ariel ] [ IC Contact ]

[ There's a bit of fuzziness and background noise before Ahiru's voice finally comes through in audio. ]

Um, hi! I can't answer you right now, but if you need me for something or need to talk to me, please leave a message! I'll get back to you as soon as--


QUA--! What was--I didn't--! Ididn'tdothisrightdidI...

[ And the audio fizzles out. ]