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□ Name: Manda
□ Age: 28
□ Contact: or "amako" on plurk
□ Journal: (Note: I used her character journal to place the reserve.)
□ Do you play anyone in Ariel?: Not yet.

→ IC
□ Name: Ahiru (Her translated name in the dub is Duck, but I prefer to stick with the Japanese name.)
□ Journal:
□ Series: Princess Tutu
□ Canon point: Post-series
□ History: Links: |  (This is also expanded on a bit more within her personality section below.)

□ Personality:

At first glance in the series, Ahiru is a typical, cheerful young girl - she smiles a lot and keeps a friendly, upbeat atmosphere that she takes with her wherever she goes. She's also a bit of a daydreamer (as well as very easily distracted) and can lapse into her dream-worlds even in the middle of practicing ballet, which can often times get her into embarrassing and comical situations. And she's rather awkward and 'duck-like', both in the way she speaks and behaves. Her initial surprised or shocked reaction to just about anything is to quack (or almost quack).

Another good way to describe Ahiru is "clumsy and accident prone". She trips, falls over, and runs into things and people on a daily basis throughout the series. And such things often happen when she's either not paying attention (be it daydreaming or focusing on something else), or when she's having a spazzy reaction to something (or someone). And those spastic reactions happen very frequently, as Ahiru is very easily flustered, scared, and triggered into flailing her limbs around in panic at the drop of a hat. Also, when in one of those spazzy states, she tends to ramble on excessively and sometimes incoherently, be it aloud or even just in her thoughts. She's also naive and incredibly gullible (something of which her two close friends in the ballet school tend to take advantage of - especially the one called Lilie) and very easily led to believe what someone else tells her, regardless of the credibility of it. Even so, Ahiru tries to stay as optimistic and hopeful as she can, even in the face of her numerous faults.

However, underneath of that, she's very insecure. The main reason for that being that Ahiru is, in fact, a duck. The pendant around her neck is magic and allows her to take on a human form. And the fact that she is 'just a duck' as she comments frequently, causes her to constantly worry that she's not good enough - not good enough to be a graceful ballet dancer, not good enough for Mytho, and not good enough to be accepted as she truly is. And those doubts about herself can sometimes fester to the point that she wallows in her short-comings and worries, and she does whatever she can to keep anyone (especially Mytho) from finding out that she's really nothing more than a little duck. And she's also very concerned about and frightened of the inevitable "Fate" that was given to her when she accepted the pendant and the ability to turn into Princess Tutu and return the shards of the prince's heart. That destiny claims that if Ahiru speaks of her love for the Prince (Mytho), that she'll disappear in speck of light. And although Ahiru wants very badly to help Mytho, she's wary of that so-called fate throughout the series, especially in early episodes.

Ahiru doesn't let her own inner feelings, doubts, and self-consciousness keep her down for long, though. She harbors and incredible determination and works very hard - both at her poor ballet skills and in searching for the pieces of her beloved prince's heart. She believes strongly in doing her best and never giving up, no matter how steep the challenges ahead might be. Her will is strong - so much, in fact, that the shady character who granted her the pendant in the first place gradually loses their intended control of her and her actions. Ahiru intends to change her fate and save the prince, no matter what.

And that head isn't red for nothing. Although it takes quite a bit to really get her really angry, when Ahiru does get frustrated or ticked off, it shows. She's stubborn and impulsive, and if she's angered enough, she's not beyond things like knocking someone down (as she does to Fakir in episode 5). However, that doesn't mean she's particularly violent or looking to cause trouble. Her tirades include things like stomping around and yelling, but she doesn't go looking for fights and she's more likely to be 'just annoyed' with someone than actually causing them physical harm. As shown in episode 14 when Fakir appears to indirectly belittle her and make rude comments, she will also make faces and gestures when she's irritated with someone instead of outright doing anything to them. And she doesn't really hold grudges or the like, either. Once it's out of her system, it's out of her system until the next instance.

Ahiru definitely seems to have a penchant for reaching out to others, too - both as herself and as Princess Tutu. That becomes critical to the story as she has to find all of characters that Mytho's heart shards have taken refuge in and help them come to term with their feelings before they let go of the shards. And she's a kind-hearted duck-girl who tries to see the best in everyone, even when she's put off by their attitude or doesn't have the greatest impression of them at first. Even when dealing with the more closed-off canon characters like Rue and Fakir, Ahiru stubbornly reaches out to them and tries to learn more about them and befriend them even when she's pushed away. Even upon finding out that Rue is really Princess Kraehe, who has been antagonizing her and the prince, she doesn't think poorly of Rue or consider her an enemy or a villain - in fact, she continues to reach out to her and try to convince her that Rue is Rue and Rue is her friend. Likewise, although her first impressions of Fakir are along the lines of 'he's a rude jerk and a danger to Mytho', she changes her tune upon finding out the truth behind his actions and ultimately seeks a mutual trust with him to join forces to help save Mytho. And no matter how much of a cold shoulder he persists to give her, she doesn't give up on befriending and allying with him once she discovers what the true Fakir is like. As a result of her efforts, she even manages to eventually gain his trust and cooperation.

As the story comes to an end, Ahiru is finally able to truly accept herself as she was meant to be: a duck. And with the help of Fakir, she was able to let go of the pendant - the last shard of Mytho's heart - and return it to him as she returned to her true bird form. But unlike earlier in the series, where being a duck left her in panic and unsure of herself and her abilities, Ahiru doesn't let that hold her back or slow her down in the end. She dances, as a duck, and reaches her feelings and her hope out to all of the townspeople to try to break the spell that had turned them all into ravens. Together with Fakir's support in writing, she's able to inspire in Mytho the determination and hope that he needs to save Rue, and ultimately the defeat of the monster raven to the prince's sword.

In the end, it seems like Ahiru is getting the short stick, as the prince chose Rue instead of her and she had to give up her humanity (and the last shard of his heart, which allowed her to turn in Princess Tutu) to become nothing but a duck again. However, she doesn't see it in a negative light at all. Ahiru is content to stay at Fakir's side as a bird and has a tearful goodbye with Rue, holding absolutely no ill-will toward the chosen princess at all and being genuinely happy for her and Mytho and their new-found happiness. She cherishes what she has and not what she has lost. That is part of her character's true strength.

□ Age: No canon age is given for this character (or any character in her series, for that matter), but fans perceive her to be anywhere from 13 to 15. The wiki claims 13, but this is not official. (I lean toward 14, because Ahiru refers to two of the other characters in the series as "Senior". And if the ballet/fine arts school is set up anything like a normal high-school, that would make her at least a freshman, thus 14.) For the sake of this game, I will be aging her up, physically, to approximately 16 years old. I believe this would be acceptable in the sense that her character, actually being a duck, ages faster than humans. Body-wise, she will not have changed very much beyond a slighty more noticeable chest and an inch or two of height. Mentally, however, I'm not going to alter her. Since Ahiru is not human in her true form, it wouldn't make sense that aging her up mentally would actually have any real effect on what she knows about humans and being human. I would rather leave other discoveries and introductories to the game itself.

□ Gender: Female, both mentally and physically.

□ Appearance: Though she is normally a duck in her true form, Ahiru has a human form that she will be taking on come her arrival to the City of Ariel. That form takes on the slim and short-statured appearance of a young teen-aged red-headed girl who wears her hair in a long braid with a large poof of hair flaring out on the end. The hair that isn't secured within the braid gives her an almost comical gravity-defying set of bangs on one side that fan out high, a few wisy bangs in-between, and jut of shorter hair that sticks out just above the start of her braid. She has bright blue eyes (in both forms) that are wide and curious, freckles on her face that dust over her nose, and a tell-tale cowlick-like lock of hair that sticks straight up upon her head (which is also a similar to a single feather upon her head in her bird form). Ahiru's physique is that of a young dancer. She's thin to the point of almost gangly, with a small chest and rather skinny arms and legs. Her complexion is neither fair nor excessively-tanned. Instead, she fits somewhere in-between with a healthy peach color to her skin.

With the aging up that I intend to do for her, she will have filled out her chest and hips a little bit more (similar to her persona as Princess Tutu), gained just a little more height, and slightly more of an angle to her youthful, round face. Otherwise, she will largely remain unchanged from the appearance described above.

The clothing she will be wearing upon arrival is her school uniform. That outfit consists of a white undershirt, a jumper-like gray belled skirt and matching jacket, with blue stripes along each, white socks that hang just above the ankle and flare out from their fold, and a pair of black heels with closed toes. Other than her uniform, Ahiru also commonly wears her ballet gear, which consists of a stretchy white leotard with short sleeves, a dip down in front, a blue stripe across the waist area, and a pair of pink tights finished off at the bottom with pink ballet shoes. Aside from those two outfits, she has two others that are used in the series. One is her nightgown, which is very simple, short-sleeved and billowing, and pale yellow in color. And the other is a set of 'casual' clothes that are very stylistic in appearance and somewhat resemble a duck. This consists of a light tan/light yellow top that bares just the slightest bit of her midriff, with long sleeves that taper off into bright yellow cuffs that look like webbed feet. And to accompany that, she has a pair of yellow, bell-like shorts that have a wing design on either side, orange and white striped socks, and orange and yellow shoes that resemble a duck's feet.

□ Abilities/Powers: Ahiru actually has no "power" of her own in the series. She's granted the magic to transform into Princess Tutu through her pendant and her pendant only, which she will no longer have at the point in time I've take her from. What she exhibits throughout the series is healing people's hearts and problems through dance. As Princess Tutu, she literally cleanses the townspeople affected by Mytho's heart shards of the extra burden of a strong emotion overtaking them (such as frustration, regret, and sadness, to name a few). And she is only able to do so through dancing with them directly. However, since Ahiru no longer has the ability to turn into Princess Tutu, she no longer harbors such powers. She is not physically strong and not really what can be considered 'quick-witted' or gifted in intellect. And as far as abilities go, she has the training of a novice ballet dancer. Otherwise, there is no real 'skill set' that she has or any special sports abilities. Though since she is a duck, she is likely a strong swimmer and exhibits her ability to do so quite well---even while navigating an underwater tunnel during episode 12 of the series, both as a duck and as a girl.) Her true strength in the series came from determination and strength of heart, instead of physical capabilities or special powers. She connects well emotionally with other characters throughout the series and is good at reading other people's emotions and feelings and being compassionate and empathizing with them. This is not even limited to her being Princess Tutu, since Ahiru shows that capability multiple times as a duck and as a girl, without the involvement of her alter ego at all.

She also previously had the ability to turn back into a duck when she took her pendant off (and back into a girl again when wearing the pendant and coming in contact with water), but with the absence of the pendant, that no longer holds true.

□ Personal Items: Though Ahiru did not have many personal items in the series, these are the items I would like to have Ahiru arrive with:

1.) Her duck-shaped pillow.
2.) Her ballet outfit.
3.) Her casual outfit.
4.) A lamp she had in the series. (There was originally a spirit in the lamp, but that would not come with it.)

□ First Person Sample: Link:
□ Third Person Sample: Link: (Test Drive meme)


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