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Backtagging and Threadjacking are both more than acceptable with this character!

Fourthwalling: Depends on the situation. Please ask first!

Offensive subjects: Given that she's really a duck, she probably won't understand what is meant to be offensive, so no bars here.


Character Information:

Name:  Ahiru

Age: Canon Unknown, perceived to be 13-15. I am aging her up to 16 physically for this game.

Canon notes: Ahiru is a duck in actuality. She retains a human form in the game, but if you are not comfortable interacting with/doing things with her, please let me know!

Canon point: Post-series, possibly a month or two after.

Sexuality: Ahiru shows only strong romantic feelings for a male character in the series. She admires other girls, but seemingly not on a romantic level. Thus I will be playing her as heterosexual.



Positive/friendly relationships: ALWAYS A YES! She loves to make friends and loves to help others.

Negative/Antagonistic relationships: ALSO A BIG YES! This goes for people who are downright cruel/mean to those who tease her for fun (she's incredibly gullible, so it's not difficult to do).

Hugging: Sure, go ahead! She might get surprised and quack at you, but she won't mind!

Kissing: You'll get a lot of surprise out of this one, but I'm all for it! Prepare to have a blushing, stammering duck-girl on your hands if you do.

Flirting: Be my guest! She may not catch on very easily, though.

Fighting: Go for it! She's not a physical fighter, but if you make her mad enough, she'll fight back.

Injury: Small injuries are fine on the fly, but if it's something more serious, please talk it out with me first! (This goes for even more serious situations, as well.)

Using powers on/mind-reading: She'll be really confused, startled, but I allow it. Though if it's something extensive, please talk to me about it first.

If you have any other questions/concerns not listed here, feel free to ask me!



-Age difference
-Size difference
-Breast/Nipple play
-Breath Control
-Clothed sex
-Orgasm control/denial
-Oral (giving/receiving)
-Sex toys
-Dirty Talking
-Body worship
-Hair pulling
-Wall sex
-Experienced partners
-Inexperienced partners
-Food play
-Blood play
-Sexual exhaustion
-Cumming on face/body
-Multiple Orgasms

-Multiple/double penetration (no anal)
-Macro/micro play

-Anything to do with bathroom kinks.
-Hard vore
-Genital torture

If a kink you're interested in is not listed here, please ask! Thank you!


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